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What we do

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Mobile app development. The illustration shows a mobile phone which’s screen displays a login wireframe. Floating icons are distributed around the smartphone: a check icon, a security shield, a play button, a like/upvote heart-shaped button, and an HTML tag. A pencil points at the upper left of the mobile phone, pointing at the screen.

iOS & Android apps

Our mobile developers use well-proven agile practices and follow a client-oriented approach to develop custom mobile apps  that highlight your brand identity, bring customers, and solve everyday business challenges.

Website building and web applications development.  The illustration shows a laptop/notebook containing wireframes of a website within an internet browser window. A crane hangs from behind the notebook, with it’s hook grabbing an image contained in the laptop’s screen. Surrounding it, floating icons and wireframes related to website and web applications development: the back of a credit card, an HTML tag, a shopping cart e-commerce icon, a register form and a login screen wireframe.

Websites & Web apps

Position your company in a strategic way and show everyone you're high level business. Our web solutions are finely adjusted to your business domain and focused on your target audience’s pains.

Business automations. The illustrations shows a laptop/notebook which’s screen displays a bar graph simulating a business intelligence dashboard. Above the notebook, six circular icons from nails hang on the wall: a letter envelope (an email icon); an ascending bar graph icon; a magnifying glass (a search icon); an image placeholder; a paper sheet (a business document icon); and a geolocation pin. A robotic arm stands on the left of the notebook, grabbing a circular icon that represents a company employee or software user. Two gears float behind the notebook, at the upper right corner of the screen.

Business automations

A business that runs itself is everyone’s dream. Count on us to automate from boring to complex tasks, integrating essential tools for your company or developing new systems oriented to your business processes.

Start from scratch or evolve existing projects, it's your call 😉

How we do it

From idea to product in 5 easy steps

Discovery 🔎

First things first. We’ll collect every piece of information about you, your business and your objectives, in order to fully customize every little detail to your needs and tastes.

By the end of this step, our solutions architects will translate your vision into a project roadmap with clear milestones and due dates.

Main deliverable: Project roadmap

Software development pipeline’s discovery phase. The illustration shows a big floating lightbulb connected - through a wire - to a panel where a jigsaw puzzle is being filled. Three out of 4 pieces of the puzzle lay on the panel, while the fourth lays on the ground below, and a ladder leans over the panel. Above the lightbulb, at the upper left, float two dialog balloons; while a magnifying glass can be seen dropped at the floor. The illustration alludes to the creative process of ideation and discovery of a tailor-made software solution.

Build 🏗

Our designers and developers will make your ideas come to life through rapid prototyping and product iteration. Continuous feedback will allow us to better tailor the results to meet your expectations.

Deliverables are considered done only after they’ve been documented, diligently tested by our quality assurance team, and approved by you

Deliverables may vary with your project's nature.

Software development pipeline’s build phase. The illustration shows a laptop/notebook, while a yellow crane hangs from behind the notebook, with its hook grabbing a web browser wireframe contained in the laptop’s screen. Surrounding it, floating icons and objects alluding to working, building and software development outsourcing: an HTML tag, a wrench key, and an image wireframe on the left; a paint roller, a ruler and two folders. In the back, a paper airplane flies, with a dashed line showing its trajectory, alluding to progress during the design and coding steps of the build phase.

Test 🔬

What do your end-customers think? We’ll help you set up advanced beta testing programs so you can capture the most valuable feedback from your end-users.

Main deliverable: Test report

Launch 🚀

Definitely the most pleasurable step. Just ask for it and we'll let you feel like the town mayor cutting the inauguration ribbon: you'll have the pleasure of pushing a button and seeing your project go live. 🍾

Main deliverable: your problem solved

Support 🛠

That one is usually a plus. If that's what you desire, we'll be happy to maintain everything on track after our main job is done, performing small updates and fixing issues in case they arise.

You shouldn't worry, though, if that's not your wish: after deploy, we'll deliver a customized wiki (documentation) with every piece of information you'll need to keep everything up and running.

Main deliverable: Customized wiki

Our preferred stack

We strive to use the latest industry standards and trusted architectures

Web Technologies

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Mobile Technologies

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